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"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

About Community Hotels 

About Community Hotels

Community Hotels is an independent, national not-for-proft organization. It is operated by volunteers, based in the New York area. We work closely with hotels and restaurants to encourage their active participation in local and national charities through fund-raising, donation and volunteering opportunities.

We believe the roles played by hotels are irreplaceable to their communities. They employ from the local area, host formal events, and offer tourists and guests a place to stay during visits. We aim to take it one step further by better enabling the hotels in our network to provide for the community, give generously, and support local organizations.

Projects Page for a list of the charity and volunteer organizations that we work with.

Board of Directors
Nicole Evans, New York NY Chairperson
Bob Patel, Dallas TX Board of Directors
Jacqueline Smith, Little Rock AR Board of Directors
Haley Atkins, Scranton PA Board of Directors
Kimberly Hain, Atlanta GA Board of Directors
Donny Jones, Louisville KY Board of Directors
Jovada Gardner, NW GA Board of Directors
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